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Ancient Path Adventures

No False Report - Commandment City Devotional

No False Report - Commandment City Devotional

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Join us in the Ancient Path Kids Learning Room or read it as a family! This digital downloadable devotional features the following.
  • Devotional Scripture of the Week:
    Do not spread a false report - Exodus 23:1
  • Letter of the Week: AYIN Pictograph Hebrew

A captivating downloadable devotional designed to bring the uplifting teachings of the Bible into the hearts and minds of young learners. Crafted exclusively for our online learning room, this enriching resource promises an engaging journey through biblical stories, inspiring reflections, and interactive activities that make spiritual growth both educational and enjoyable.

Each devotional is for a week's worth of study (3 days). It features learning activities centered around the scripture and theme of the week:

  • 1 Pictographic Hebrew letter of the week
  • 1 Scripture of the week
  • 3 Stories of the Day
  • 1 Reflection
  • 1 Coloring Page

Commandment City Devotional is not just a devotional; it's an adventure for young hearts seeking to understand and embrace the timeless wisdom found in the Scriptures. With carefully curated content, colorful illustrations, and age-appropriate reflections, this devotional fosters a sense of connection with biblical principles, encouraging kids to explore their faith in a fun and meaningful way!

Join us on this digital expedition where learning and devotion intertwine, fostering a strong foundation of faith for our young learners. Download for free and follow along with us on our Ancient Path Kids Youtube Channel as we read them together, or read it with your family and embark on a journey to reflect on YHWH's goodness!

Don't forget your character! Explore our list of characters here for you to hop into the Learning Room world.

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