Create & Invent for The Most High

We have a passion for God and are on a mission to help people on their spiritual journey experience The Most High in creative ways.

We Are A Biblical Innovation Hub That Ministers In Creative Ways

Video Posting Schedule

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Promised Land Journey Desktop Game

Find the staff and the pure lamb to complete the Passover! Each level has a feast day of the Bible or journey of the Israelites to Egypt. Ready to have fun?

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  • Products That Honor God

    We invent items for people to honor God with their family and friends in new ways. Our items all have scriptural reference because these are not our words but His.

  • Games for Fun

    We present journeys of the bible through the form of games. Our board, video and card games are interactive bible study methods. you can be studying the bible and not even know it! We bring the ancient journeys to life.

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  • Biblical Learning Series

    Ancient Path Kids produces Hebrew stories, animations, coloring books, and more. Train up a child in the way they should go, even when they are old, they turn not away from it.

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You Are Royalty

Shop our new Royalty collection, featuring inspiring black biblical imagery for your every day life!