Collection: Clothing

Welcome to our exclusive clothing collection, designed with modesty and style in mind for Yahuah's people. Our collection features 100% cotton garments adorned with vibrant African fabrics and the option for fringes, perfect for embracing Hebrew Israelite roots. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted, reflecting commitments to Yahuah's Word.

From elegant dresses and skirts to comfortable t-shirts, we offer a variety of options for both adults and kids. Our children's line ensures that even the youngest members of your family can proudly represent Yahuah! Discover our range of modest clothing that seamlessly blends tradition with modern fashion, celebrating your faith and culture with every wear.

Explore our collection today and embrace the beauty of African fabrics and the significance of fringes, all in the comfort of 100% cotton.

In keeping with Leviticus 19:19, which instructs not to mix different kinds of threads, our clothes are made from 100% cotton, unlike polyester blends. This commitment to honoring YHWH's commands ensures that our clothes are not only comfortable but also aligns with biblical principles.