Experience the ancient paths through fun interactive games

Embark on interactive adventures that unravel the meanings of scriptures. Have fun exploring the ancient paths during family time, in immersive ways to experience the richness of our history and culture.


We released the mobile app and took it down for updates. It will be back soon. Subscribe to the newsletter to be notified of release.

Promised Land Journey Desktop Game

Find the staff and the pure lamb to complete the Passover! Each level has a feast day of the Torah scrolls or journey of the Israelites to Egypt. Ready to have fun?

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Promised Land Journey Board Game

More of a board game person? We got the game for your family fun time. Embark on a journey through history with the Promised Land Journey Board Game – where adventure lies in every roll of the dice.

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Tha Word™ Bible Card Game

Like a fun card game? We do too! Play Tha Word™ Bible Card Game and learn about the commandments with us!

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