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Ancient Path Adventures

Genesis 1: In the Beginning (E-Book)

Genesis 1: In the Beginning (E-Book)

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About In the Beginning - Genesis 1

Count the days of creation while traveling through Genesis 1 with Baby Nahal and friends. In this 16 page board book, each spread highlights a day of creation, showing how God made our beautiful earth and allowing children to count along. Featuring vivid illustrations to bring the Bible to life and stimulate the imagination, In the Beginning is the book for you. This is an e-book. 


About the Babies Bible Series

The Babies’ Bible Series is a bible starter series for children, ages 0 and up that introduces the Bible to your child in four fun-to-read and easy-to-understand board books. Through Baby Nahal and friends, the series conveys biblical stories and values to your child. The series go chapter by chapter, summarizing verses to allow your child to learn easily. Each book includes a learning opportunity and a baby guide to help your baby relate to the story. 


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Babies Bible Series Set (Genesis 1-4)


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