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Fringed Blouse & Skirt Set - 100% Cotton

Fringed Blouse & Skirt Set - 100% Cotton

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Introducing our stunning 100% cotton ankara fabric shirt and skirt set with fringes, a vibrant and elegant ensemble that reflects a rich cultural heritage. Each set features unique and beautiful patterns directly from Africa. Be covered and fashionable!


  • 100% cotton Ankara Fabric
  • Crop top
  • Back zipper
  • Exaggerated sleeves
  • Fringe trim sleeves
  • Skirt set


Sizes are based on UK based size chart

Please note that the patterns shown in the picture are for reference only. Since these fabrics are not produced in bulk, we offer the set as a pre-order item. This ensures that we can provide you with the highest quality and most unique ankara fabric shirt and skirt set possible.

Once we gather enough orders, we will provide you with a selection of 5 prints to choose from to confirm your final order.

Due to the nature of this product being on-demand and custom-made, all sales will be final once prints are chosen and final orders are placed

Orders will be fulfilled within 8 weeks after final orders are placed.

In keeping with Leviticus 19:19, which instructs not to mix different kinds of threads, this set is made from 100% ankara cotton, unlike polyester blends. This commitment to honoring YHWH's commands ensures that this dress is not only beautiful but also aligns with biblical principles. It also has fringes for Number 13:58.


Care Instructions

Hand wash, hang dry. 

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