We Are A Creative Ministry

Ancient Path Adventures was founded to help people seeking God, discover Him in the ancient paths. With the present state of the world, we need more of God. We’ve chosen to highlight God’s Word in creative and engaging ways in order to spread His light. This is our ministry. We use interactive adventures as tools to help people along their spiritual journey. Our products are not based in a single religion, instead our products are based solely on God’s Word.

  • Honor

    First and foremost, we honor The Most High. The products that we make are intended to spread God’s word and light. Therefore, we spread YAH’s love through What We Do. Our proceeds are recycled into giving back, creating more righteous products and Ancient Path Kids.

  • Create

    We were made in The Most High’s image, so we invent, create and make. Sometimes the bible may be complex to understand. So, we create products to help people understand and honor The Most High in fun and convenient ways.

  • Grow

    There is a shortage of righteous businesses. Our goal is to grow large enough to employee others on a mission to serve God. To create a company culture, that exalts God, where work isn’t work, but ministry and a form of praise.

  • Give Back

    Scriptures command us to serve our brothers in need, widows, and orphans. We produce products and give a portion of proceeds back to communities.